Bridges are important infrastructure that they need Cathodic protection to increase service life period become safe for transportations.

Pipe pile and reinforced concrete structures are widely used in bridges. Seawater Chloride ion is an important factor causing corrosion damage.

Taking cost-effective measures (Coating and Cathodic protection) can prevent and control the corrosion results on bridge submerged and embedded steel foundation is a common practice to built infrastructure standing for long period.

Cathodic protection is one technique where can control the corrosion process that causes deterioration of the bridge structure.

Galvanic Anode Cathodic Protection (GACP)

  • In this type of CP, protection is achieved by connecting the protected structure to a sacrificial anode, which is placed close to the protected structure.
  • Sacrificial anodes are made from active metals such as zinc, aluminum, or magnesium (for fresh water applications).
  • CP current is created by the potential difference between sacrificial anodes and the protected structure.
  • The type of anode used depends on electrolyte resistivity and the chemical compositions of the electrolyte to which the substrate is exposed.

Impressed Current Cathodic Protection (ICCP)

  • Wirth ICCP we can protect our structure by connecting to an anode bed through a transformer rectifier (TR). The anode bed is a series of buried anodes that are electrically connected and surrounded by backfill material trying to reduce their resistance to the earth. The anode bed should be placed remotely from the protected structure.
  • The now days two types of anodes commonly used the semi-soluble anodes made of graphite or high silicon cast iron (HSCI), and non-soluble anodes  made of platinum, mixed metal oxide, or polymer material
  • The main component of ICCP is the TR, which forces the current to flow from the anodes to the protected structure.
  • The type of anodes used depends on the chemical composition of the electrolyte, to which the substrate is exposed and the area to be protected.

SYCHEM SA. working more than 30 years in Cathodic protection doing design, supply materials, installation and commissioning’ trying to deliver some of most complex project in the world, on budget and on time for our clients.

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