Completion of design, construction and operation of an open loop decentralized geothermal system, with a total cooling capacity of 1,120 kW in the residential complex “Castle Residence”, in Limassol, Cyprus

The electromechanical installations of Air Conditioning and Domestic Hot Water Production in the residential complex “Castle Residence”, in Limassol, Cyprus, were successfully completed.

The consortium “Marina Limassol Joint Venture” assigned to Yfantis Engineering consulting office the project of the innovative geothermal system to meet the requirements for cooling, heating and domestic hot water for the residential complex.

SYCHEM CYPRUS LTD undertook the fully construction of the central facilities, central geothermal engine room, systems’ commissioning, start-up as well as their integration into a central BMS (Building management system) in order to maximize energy efficiency.

The innovative design philosophy of the system is based on energy integration through a combined system of geothermal and heat recovery. The complex consists of 66 luxury apartments. A mechanical cupboard is installed to each apartment, with an autonomous water-cooled heat pump in order to meet its energy needs.

Each apartment is connected with the central geothermal system, where through specialized design and smart operating algorithms is ensured the maximum energy efficiency and multiple advantages (aesthetic superiority, no outdoor air conditioning units).

As a result, no engine floor is required for the installation of HVAC units, while at the same time, the life of the heat pumps and mechanical equipment is maximized, as they are not exposed at the environmental conditions (salty sea air).

The operation control of the systems is performed through a BMS, that has an easy-to-understand graphical interface, with remote control ability, energy analyzes and recordings of all important parameters.

The combined open loop de-centralized geothermal and management system of “Castle Residence” has been operating successfully since January 2021 and is one of the largest energy integration and energy saving projects in Cyprus.


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