Completion of the new Hydrominoan S.A plant in the industrial area of Heraklion, Crete

The relocation and expansion of the Hydrominoan subsidiary to the new modern facilities within the industrial area of Heraklion, have been successfully completed.

Hydrominoan S.A is the largest private water producer in Greece, owning the largest desalination unit for potable water production and is currently the only desalination plant in Crete.

The installed capacity is 5,000 cubics per day and owns a modern production and quality control equipment.

Along with the future desalintation units development in the Almiros river of Malevizi, the plant will contribute significantly to the final resolution of the drought issue in Heraklion and to the assurance of high quality potable water.

In the same industrial area, there is also located the water treatment plant of SYCHEM S.A which is today the biggest desalination unit manufacturer in Greece, with important export activities. The plant is continuously growing and its workforce is highly specialized, having 70% local employees.

Ydrominoan also supports the research activities of the local university institutions in Crete.

It is a hybrid unit with geothermal energy, demonstrating a panEuropean originality. The new building is air conditioned, using the untreated water supply to the desalination unit (water heat pump), resulting in air conditionning cost reduction by 40% and improvement of the energy efficiency of the desalination unit, during summer season, by 2%.

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