Energy integration of combined technologies with total power of 3MW for LYTTOS BEACH HOTEL 5*

LYTTOS BEACH HOTEL 5* in Hersonissos of Heraklion has successfully completed the reconstruction and expansion of the systems of cooling, domestic hot water production and heating of swimming pools (Olympic-size swimming pool & Spa).The upgrade of energy systems (HVAC, Domestic Hot Water& Water treatment) was part of a challenging project of the general renovation and expansion of the current accommodation facilities which included the addition of new rooms, common places, pools and spa. The project was completed successfully within a very tight time schedule.

SYCHEM designed and constructed the readjustment, reconstruction and expansion of the central facilities and was assigned of systems’ commissioning and start-up as well as their integration to the BMS central management system in order to maximize energy efficiency with the least possible interventions.

The new design philosophy, based on energy integration, combines different technological applications with total power of 3MW including systems of solar power, geothermal and energy recovery.

For the cooling system, in particular, three water-cooled chillers (nominal cooling power of 2x540kW and 1x840kW) were installed with total Heat Recovery of 890kW, saving energy for the pre-heating loads of domestic hot water and two swimming pools (1 x Olympic-size, 50 m and 1 x training pool, 25 m). During winter operation, the existing gas boilers are totally replaced by the chiller of 840kW. A solar field with total power of 420kW produces domestic hot water in cooperation with a high efficiency heat pump, 230kW which is simultaneously used for the air-cooling service. The existing boilers (total power of 930kW) remain as stand-by equipment.

The BMS System controls the operation of all systems by implementing process automation and ensures energy and sources savings. The user friendly BMS system ensures easy operation of all systems with remote control and monitoring via energy analysis and recording of parameters.

The combined system of energy production and management of LYTTOS BEACH HOTEL 5*has been successfully operated during the holiday season of 2019 and it is considered as one of the greatest projects of energy integration with renewable energy systems (solar power, geothermal and energy recovery) in Greece, achieving maximum energy savings.

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