Green Highrise Buildings in Cyprus, one-day seminar at Limassol, Cyprus

The one-day seminar titled «Green Highrise Buildings in Cyprus» took place with great success on Friday 14 June 2019 at Crown Plaza Hotel, Limassol with main sponsor SYCHEM CYPRUS.


Engineers, consultancy companies and other professionals related with the construction sector participated at the seminar.

There is a rapid development of Highrise buildings in Limassol and the seminar focused in highlighting the good practices applied for energy saving and environmental protection.


Specialized engineers and companies presented the current and future legal framework of Cyprus for energy saving in Highrise buildings, as well as the initiatives and the applied technology for water and energy savings.


Furthermore, the energy results (actual measurements) were presented and a visit took place in the first Highrise office building ‘’The Oval’’.


The “Oval” besides a spectacular workplace, is a state-of-the-art building featuring advanced energy and water saving technologies. It is the first multi-floor building in Cyprus with EPC class A energy efficiency rating and the first building with decentralized open geothermal energy in South Europe. An advanced electrical monitoring system is recording the energy efficiency in order to provide valuable and real energy consumption data for the climate conditions of Cyprus.


Members from the board of the Cyprus Scientific and Technical Chamber (ΕΤΕΚ) as well as from the Ministry of Energy for the Republic of Cyprus and specialized engineers from SYCHEM group, Grundfos Hellas and LG honored the seminal with their participation as speakers.

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