Handy Cap IP


Royston Handy Cap IP and Handy Cap XL IP provide quick, field applied corrosion protection to anode and test wire leads welded onto metal substrates. The Handy Cap IP and XL IP are made using a durable plastic sheet that has a dome filled with a moldable compound to assure complete encapsulation of the item being protected. The sheet is then capped with an adhesive layer for easy and permanent application.

The Handy Cap IP and XL IP use Tapecoat’s gray elastomeric adhesive with integrated primer. This exclusive formulation allows for faster application as there is no need to apply a separate primer when application temperatures are

Cap IP and XL IP can be applied by hand or using the Royston Key Hole Tool


Sealing the welded connection of a anode or test wire to a metal substrate. These products are ideal in limited access and key hole applications.


Steel, Stainless Steel, Ductile Iron, Other Metals, FBE, Epoxy, PE, PP


SSPC SP-3 Power Tool Cleaning or SSPC SP-6/NACE No. 3 Commercial Blast Cleaning


Royston Handy Cap IP and Handy Cap XL IP have an integrated primer to al- low for quick, easy and permanent adhesion. When required by the job specification or when application temperatures are below 40°F, a 4 mil WFT of Tapecoat Omniprime may be applied to the pipe surface to ensure the required bond.


Refer to Material Safety Data Sheet: MSDS-Handy Cap IP


Refer to Application Guidelines: AG-HANDY-CAP


Handy Cap IP and XL IP

Product Pieces Per Case Case Weight
Handy Cap IP 20 5#
Handy Cap XL IP 10 6#

Typical Technical Data

Property Handy Cap IP Handy Cap XL IP Test Method
Overall Size 4” x 4”
(101 mm x 101 mm)
5” x 5”
(127 mm x 127 mm)
Plastic Sheet Size 2.75” x 4”
(70 mm x101 mm)
2.75” x 4”
(70 mm x101 mm)
Plastic Dome Height 0.8”
(20 mm)
(38 mm)
Plastic Dome Diameter 1.65”
(42 mm)
(44 mm)
Total Thickness 175 mils
(4.44 mm)
190 mils
(4.83 mm)
ASTM D1000
Sheet Thickness 10 mils
(0.25 mm)
10 mils
(0.25 mm)
ASTM D1000
Adhesive Thickness 165 mils
(4.19 mm)
180 mils
ASTM D1000
Adhesion to Steel 10 lb/in
(1.75 N/mm)
10 lb/in
(1.75 N/mm)
ASTM D1000
Maximum Wire Size 8 AWG
(8 mm2)
(35 mm2)
Holiday Detection Setting 5000 V 5000 V
Service Temperature Range -20°F to +140°F
-29°C to +60°C
-20°F to +140°F
-29°C to +60°C

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