Opening Ceremony of the extension of the Almyros Desalination Plant to 5.000 cmd

A remarkable day for Malevizi with the opening ceremony for Almyros Desalination Plant Expansion to 5.000 cubic meters per day!
The Municipality, Water & Sewage Public Authority of Malevizi and SYCHEM launched the official operation of Almyros Desalination plant on Friday, September 15.
The innovative high salinity brackish desalination plant has reached a capacity of 5.000 cmd, providing an additional 3.000 cubic meters of potable water to Malevizi Water network. Provision of the infrastructure works for an upgrade up to 11.000 cmd has been also completed.
SYCHEM fully operates this unique Desalination Educational Park for Malevizi Water & Wastewater Authority for more than 8 years. The visitor can enjoy a tour at the park, acknowledge the latest technologies of water desalination, witness the energy savings and how environmentally friendly is the facility as well as taste the water supplied to the network.
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