Official opening of Sychem Cyprus offices at The Oval in Limassol

The official opening of SYCHEM CYPRUS offices took place at the OVAL building, Limassol Cyprus, at 26th of April.

SYCHEM S.A, YFANTIS ENGINEERING and SYCHEM CYPRUS cooperated closely to execute the challenging electro-mechanical (E/M) installation for the Oval Building. Scope of the project included the design and construction of the OVAL building E/M facilities and mainly the open loop geothermal energy system for cooling, heating and hot water production.

The opening ceremony of the new offices was honored on behalf of the President of Cyprus, by the deputy government spokeswoman Mrs. Klelia Vasiliou as well as the Cybarco CEO, Mr. Michalis Hadjipanayiotou, Mayor of Limassol Mr. Nikos Nikolaidis, Mayor of Agios Athanasios Mr. Marinos Kuriakou, President of the Electricity authority of Cyprus Mr. Andreas Maragos and the President of the Cyprus Land Development Organization of Cyprus, Mr. Andreas Fragos.

The project:

The OVAL was developed and constructed by Cybarco (Lanitis Group) aiming to become a landmark for Limassol and Cyprus.

The exceptional architectural design was undertaken by ATKINS company. The architect of the project Hakim Khennouchi, received the inspiration for the design from the pebbles on the coast in front of the building.

YFANTIS ENGINEERING (a member of SYCHEM group) provided the mechanical design and the green features for energy and water savings and SYCHEM Cyprus delivered the construction.

The OVAL is not just a spectacular building for offices, but it is a state of the art building featuring advanced energy and water saving technologies.

  1. It has a bioclimatic design with specific orientation and insulation that reduces the energy demand, while only LED lights are used for the lightning.
  2. It is the first multi-floor building in Cyprus with EPC class A energy efficiency rating and the first building with decentralized open geothermal energy in South Europe.
  3. The building features 8 perimetric drills. The pumped water feeds the geoexchange loop through a pair of titanium-made heat exchangers.
  4. Main engine room supplies water to the heating pumps for each office. Each office is equipped with a small engine room, inside a closet, offering cooling, heating and hot water production.
  5. The innovative design allows for up to 40% energy savings, autonomy in each office, reliability and excellent architectural design since no external cooling/heating units are required.
  6. The two-floor parking lot of the building features one more significant system for energy saving. Sensors monitor carbon monoxide concentration and adjust the ventilation. In case of fire the same system will be activated for smoke extraction. The energy recovery ranges from 60 to 70% compared to a conventional air duct system.
  7. Condensate from fan coil units is collected in an independent tank for filtering and disinfection. An independent piping network feeds the WC flushing and the irrigation system for the gardens, that can be accounted for 80% of buildings water requirements. There is even the option, recycled water from the municipal waste water treatment plant to be utilized for the buildings requirements in the future.
  8. An advanced electrical monitoring system is recording the energy efficiency in order to provide valuable and real energy consumption data for the climate conditions of Cyprus
  9. The office of SYCHEM CYPRUS in the OVAL Building includes a series of energy saving features such as: the cooling ceiling, humidity control system of the fresh air, automated shade and light adjustment. The innovations render the offices among the most environmentally friendly offices in Europe. The total energy savings, compared to a conventional office, exceed 70%.


The OVAL sets new standards in the class of multi-floor, environmental friendly buildings in Cyprus and in South Europe

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