Pin Brazing

Pin Braze is a safe electrical connections to steel structures within Cathodic Protection systems such as pipelines, vessels, reinforcement bars, etc.

With battery driven electronic Pin brazing Method you can do your installa­tions at any weather condition.

Brazing pins are available in direct connection or threaded formats of various sizes. A new ferrule must always be employed in pin brazing (the ferrule must be changed after each brazing operation). The purpose of the ferrule is to prevent splattering of the molten solder, to prevent oxidation of the molten solder, and to protect the operator against radiation from the arc. The ferrule must be stored dry.

Pin Brazing Procedure

Pin Brazing method is fast and easy to use.

Just follow these simple steps, to ensure a perfect brazing result each time.

Preparation – grind for the ground magnet and the brazing area

Pull the trigger – the brazing starts

The capsule of the brazing pin opens. A special flux powder cleans the surface

The silver soldering mate­rial melts and the process is automatically finished

Knock off the control shaft on the brazing pin with a hammer


  • Fast – The PinBrazing process takes only a second and the whole preparation takes less than a minute.
  • Does not affect internal coatings
  • Safe for the material – Does not melt the work material as exothermic methods (thermite) does. Just a thin layer of silver is applicated between the pipe and the cable wires.
  • Suitable for use on pipe lay barge – No need for special molds.
  • Safe for the operator – battery driven 36V DC system and no hazardous materials.
  • Strong, molecular connection – Silver assure a strong molecular binding with the lowest possible transition resistance.
  • Easy, automated process – Just pull the trigger and the automatic 1–second–process do the job.

S 30 X/C
Electronic PinBrazing Unit

The patented S30 X/C is a small and portable pin brazing unit made specially for cathodic protection installations.

  • Brazing Capacity 40-60 Brazings per charge
  • Constant Energy Control System (Patent)
  • Automatic Brazing Gun (Patent)
  • Grinder/Tool Case/Grounding Device
  • System Voltage – 36V DC
  • Weight – 22-25 kg (48-55lb)

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