Splice Kit

Splice kit suitable for plastic or rubber insulated cables 600/1000V.


  • Strong clear plastic mould body for tight seal.
  • Stepped cable entry cut-off points for all cable diameters.
  • Large mould shell enables crimp or split bolt / line tap connectors to be used.
  • Resin 2-year shelf life.


Used on Cathodic Protection applications including pipelines, tanks and buried structures. Ideal for single core unarmored Tee or Branch jointing rated up to 1kV, above or below ground.

Resin Sealing Compound

Resin sealing compound is suitable for all climate conditions. High quality resin sealing compound has a high resistance to moisture absorption, is mixed in a clear pack and stored in an aluminium protective bag. The long-term electrical properties of resin sealing compound result in a more reliable connection without any associated maintenance costs.

Major Users

Specified by leading oil, gas and water companies and consulting engineers.

Resin Pack

The pack has been specifically designed and fabricated to offer the user a quick, clean and efficient method of mixing and pouring.

The pack consists of a two part polyurethane resin correctly proportioned into pouches separated by a divider. The user simply breaks the divider, amalgamates the two components and pours.

Dual system of packaging ensures that the pack is sealed against the atmosphere.

The outer aluminium packaging provides added protection against the atmosphere to give a shelf life of 2 years.

The inner transparent plastic packaging provides a visible reference for the user when mixing.

During mixing the user does not come into contact with the resin but gloves are provided for extra safety.

Each pack has its own unique batch number and use by date to provide an easy reference for the user.

Full safety labeling.

Controlled curing temperature designed to be compatible with PVC, XLPE, EPR, polythene and PILC cables.

Detailed storage instructions.

No special labelling required for transportation by road, sea or air

The anodes exhibit superior conductivity and experience very little change in resistance with time, unless the anode is damaged. The high tensile strength of the metal is an asset in some circumstances, except that their very low elongation makes them brittle and subject to fracture from severe mechanical and thermal shock.

Direct connection

Type GHFS-1 GHFS-2
Material PC PC
Outside Cable Diameter 8-22mm 14-30mm
Max section Area unarmored cable 3×16,4x16mm2 3×35.4x25mm2
Max section Area armored cable 3×10,4x10mm2 3×16.4x15mm2
Dimensions 185x40x45 270x55x55
Resin weight 150g 365g

Branch Connection

Material PC PC
Main circuit up to 15 mm2 29 mm2
Branch up to 15 mm2 22 mm2
Max section area main circuit  4X1.5-6mm2  4X16-25 (35)mm2
Max section area branch circuit 4X1.5-4mm2 4X6-16mm2
Dimensions 175x75x40mm 175x110x76mm
Resin weight 140g 500g

Resin Technical characteristics

Appearance A component: Light Yellow transparent liquid

B component: Brown transparent liquid

Viscosity In 25Co, A component ≤1000mPa.S, B component ≤500mPa.S
Curing Time at 25Co, the curing time of 30-60 minutes
Surface resistivity ≥4.77×1013Ω
Volume resistivity ≥3.14×1013Ω
Tensile strength ≥2.5Mpa
Elongation at break ≥56%
Shore A hardness ≥70A
Insulation strength ≥35kv/mm
Adaptive temperature -60Co to +80Co
Resistance to acid and alkali resistance in 0.1mol/L sodium hydroxide and 0.1mol/L hydrochloric acid in 24 hours no change

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