Subsidiary Companies

Activity:Consulting office with experience in electromechanical studies, as well as in environmental impact studies and licensing.

Experience:The office has undertaken and completed more than 150 special electromechanical studies for projects, as well as for permitting of industrial and hotel installations pertaining to water treatment. The company has designed, supervised and assessed efficiency projects with geothermal systems, solar panels, and energy efficiency projects, with a total budget of 15 millions euros. These projects have been successfully delivered and have been funded by European Funding Programs. In Cyprus, SYCHEM cooperates with ELEMEC Engineering for undertaking special studies on energy efficiency and water treatment.


518 Mesogeion Av. – 153 42 Agia Paraskevi – Athens – Greece

tel.: +30 210 60 18 680
fax: +30 210 60 18 682


Activity: Application of reverse osmosis for the production and supply of water.

Facilities: The company owns a building at the industrial area in Iraklion (where the company’s headquarters are located), and groundwater wells in the Katsaba area.

Capacity: The company owns facilities, tanks, and networks that have the capacity to produce 3.500m3/day of potable water.


Route I – Building 4, 716 01 Industrial Area Heraclion, Crete

tel.: 2810 381845
fax.: 2810 381846


Working days 08.00 – 18.00
Calls out of hours orders and Weekend: 6972 69 92 26

ActivityBIOENERGY CRETE S.A. is part of the SYCHEM Group of Companies.

TBC owns a Biogas Plant for Electricity Production with installed capacity 500 Kw upgradable to 2 MW.

The biogas plant was entirely designed and constructed by SYCHEM Group, applying cutting-edge technology at the most critical points of production process such as the collection and management of the incoming organic waste, the deodorization system, the reuse of produced heat energy and the innovative system for the biological treatment of the digestate effluent.

The Plant aims to become a European pattern for the management and utilization of organic waste from slaughter houses, livestock and poultry factories, expired food etc. With an automatic process for collection and separation/ unpacking, odorless, the utilization of the total produced heat energy but also with the innovative wastewater treatment system, biogas plant is able to offer a pioneer, reliable, environmental friendly and cost efficient solution of managing difficult to treat organic wastes, integrated in an urban environment.

Facilities: The company has total premises of 15 acres at the Industrial Area of Heraklion, Crete.


L&R Avenue, 716 01 Nea Alikarnassos I.Z Irakleio, Crete

tel.: +30 2810 30 11 40
fax: +30 2810 30 11 42



Activity: Industrial manufacturing company producing special alloy-sacrificial anodes, for use at special industrial applications (ports, bridges, oil and natural gas transfer pipelines, water pipelines, platforms, power stations, shipyards, maritime engineering, etc).

Facilities: Products are manufactured at a foundry located in a 2.000s.m. area owned by the company, 60km away from Shanghai. The manufacturing production is certified by LLOYD’s.


Shanghai Office
Room 219, H671 Business Building, No., 671, Hutai Rd, Shanghai, P. R. China, 200070
tel.: +86 21 56099265/67
fax.: +86 21 56099269

North Huangjing Town, Taicang City, Jiangsu Province, P. R. China
tel.: +86 512 53815668
fax.: +86 512 53816120


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