Test Coupon

SYCHEM manufactures and supplies test Coupons for onshore CP systems.

Test coupons is another tool in the evaluation of CP’s effectiveness. It is important to use an alloy identical to that of the protected structure.

The coupon simulates a bare portion of, or coating holiday in, the steel. Coupons enable the corrosion engineer to determine the amount of protection being afforded the structure. The devices can also be disconnected (or interrupted) from the CP system to evaluate the polarization level.

Following coupon installation, it will take some time to stabilize the coupon at a level representative of the true corrosion activity.


  • Onshore pipelines
  • Onshore Tank bottom etc


  • Upvc Enclosure
  • Coupon material similar to structure
  • Cable Glands
  • Cable
  • Terminal Connections
  • Serial Number Marking

Enclosure Dimensions: 100X100X45mm


  • Insulation
    • PVC
    • PVC/PVC
    • XLPE/PVC
  • Section
    • 6sqmm
    • 10sqmm
    • 16sqmm
  • Length: 10m

Cable Glands: 2 polyamide

Encapsulation: 2pack Epoxy resin.


Material: Steel Grade Q235

Surface area: 1cm2

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