Upgrade of energy systems with renewable energy technologies for MARBELLA CORFU HOTEL 5*

The systems of cooling and domestic hot water production of MARBELLA CORFU HOTEL 5* in Corfu have been successfully upgraded and set in operation, resulting in significant energy savings and decrease of operational costs up to 35.000€ per year.

SYCHEM was initially assigned of the project’s design and then undertook the supply, construction and commissioning of domestic hot water production and cooling systems.

Based on a modern design philosophy, existing equipment and network were replaced by geothermal systems using seawater for both cooling and domestic hot water production. On the same time, different technologies such as solar power and chillers’ recovery were combined in order to optimize energy production and distribution.

The cooling system includes a highly efficient water-cooled chiller of 365kW which is now assisted by a new air-cooled chiller of 410kW with partial heat recovery, decreasing the energy demands for domestic hot water production.

Domestic hot water is produced via solar panels of 220kW installed power and one highly efficient water-cooled heat pump of 135kW with hydraulic connection for Total Cool Recovery, which is able to discharge the total cooling load to the cooling system saving energy for cooling requirements.

The cooling hydraulic network was also amended to comply with the new design philosophy by combining all production lines to a main line with dynamic adjustment control creating new back-ups and significant energy saving.

The BMS System controls the operation of all systems by implementing process automation and ensures energy and sources savings. The user friendly BMS system ensures easy operation of all systems with remote control and monitoring via energy analysis and recording of parameters.

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