SYCHEM company’s targets are set in the design and construction of innovative projects based on sustainable development principles. SYCHEM’s field of expertise is the combined application of renewable energy source technologies and energy integration using water management and water treatment technologies.

SYCHEM invests in interdisciplinary research and development, and envisions the continuous improvement of its products and projects, by integrating the experience gained from each new project that is designs and builds.

The holistic treatment of water and energy forms our basic design approach in each industrial or other type of system.

SYCHEM S.A. puts customer first by applying reliable and tested technologies that are distinguished for their technical and economical feasibility and for being environmentally friendly.

We invest in strong collaborations with clients, as well as with partners and suppliers, having as fundamental axes the trust, ethics, and dignity which we consider should distinguish the entrepreneurship.

Our principal target is to increase our goodwill through the scientific knowledge and the technical abilities that we constantly develop. Our competitiveness relies on our projects and the strong collaborations that result from the sustainable customers’ satisfaction.

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