Zinc Anode

Zinc based anodes are widely used for shipping applications, they are also used for offshore structures but their higher density can lead to weight limitations. Zinc anodes do not require a chloride environment to operate and can be used in brackish and fresh water applications and onshore with resistivity up to 30 Ohm*m.

Our Zinc anodes are subject of National and/or International Patents. The different compositions are intended to optimize specific performance properties.

The electrochemical properties for zinc based alloys will vary depending on the specific alloy composition and the operating environment.

Generally, zinc alloys are only applicable at temperatures up to 50 °C. Above this temperature, zinc alloys can suffer from inter-granular corrosion, especially when buried in saline mud. Sychem develop a Zinc alloy that can operate successfully at higher temperatures up to 85 °C. Anodes offer as pre-packed for onshore Cathodic protection or AC Mitigation.

Typical Application

Oil & Gas
Port & Harbors
Offshore wind farms

Chemical Composition

Element US Mil 18001 ASTM B418, Type II High temp Alloy 60-80OC
Aluminum 0.1-0.5% <0.005% 0.10-0.25%
Cadmium 0.025-0.07% <0.003% <0.001%
Iron <0.005% <0.014% <0.002%
Copper <0.005% <0.002% <0.001%
Pb <0.006% <0.003% <0.006%
Mg 0.05-0.15%
Other single <0.02% <0.001% <0.02%
Total Others <0.10% <0.005% <0.10%
Zinc Balance Balance Balance
Electrochemical characteristics
Capacity min 780 Ahr/Kg 760 Ahr/Kg 690 Ahr/Kg
Closed circuit potential (Ag/AgCl) -1.03V -1.00V -0.97V
Consumption rate 11.2Kg/year 11.5Kg/year 12.7Kg/year


Anode type: XXXXXXXXXX
Dimensions: length __ Width __ Height __ mm
Anode Weight: __._ Kg

Steel core

  • Pipe
  • Plate
  • Rod


  • GB/T 700 grade Q235
  • GB/T 8162 #20

Carbon Equivalent (CE): 0.4
Dimensions: OD __mm Length ____mm
Weight: __._ Kg
Hole support

Epoxy Coating

  • DFT 100microns
  • DFT300Microns

Length: 10m
Cross section

  • 6sqmm
  • 10sqmm
  • 16sqmm
  • 25sqmm




  • Gypsum 75%, Bentonite 20%, Sodium Sulphate 5%
  • Bentonite 100%

Bag: Cotton

Cable Steel connection

  • Copper crimp link
  • Brazing

Insulation material between Cable anode: Epoxy Resin/heat shrink

Pre-packed Dimensions: ____mm Length,___mm Width.___mm Weight __._kg


Tapered, weld half shell bracelet anode Type BTW Square, Bolted half shell bracelet anode Type BSB Square segment , Welded half shell bracelet anode Type BSG
Tapered, Bolted half shell bracelet anode Type BTB Square, hinged and bolted half shell bracelet anode Type BSH Square, Welded half shell bracelet anode Type BSW
Trapezoidal anode flush mounted type flat bar Trapezoidal anode stand off type with double crank flat bar Pre-packed anode with cable lead
Trapezoidal anode with tubular insert protruding from doth ends
Type SOS
Trapezoidal anode with “cowhorn” tubular insert protruding from back face
Type SOB
Trapezoidal anode with “cowhorn” tubular insert protruding from both ends
Type SOE

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