Zinga Cold Galvanizing System

Zinga Cold Galvanizing System

This coating has protective abilities comparable with those of the conventional hot galvanizing method. Its layer acts as an anode (sacrificial) in electrolyte solution (such as seawater) protecting the surface of the metal (cathode) until the zinc quantity is depleted, with a similar protection mechanism to the conventional hot galvanizing method.

For the operation of the above mentioned electrochemical mechanisms, a conductive contact between the zinc and the metal is required, and consequently the use of a proper conductive organic medium.

In the case of cold galvanizing with particular specifications, the zinc quantity as well as the zinc particle distribution, provides the perfect electrical conductivity between the zinc particles and the metal surface.

The concentration of special cold galvanizing dry membrane requires proportionally a minimum of at least 92% presence of zinc. Zinc concentration requirements of at least 96% increase the protection action and ensure the increased performance of the method.

The cold galvanizing method should not be confused with the conventional zinc rich epoxy primers where the zinc or the zinc compounds act as anticorrosive pigments.
The specially designed Zinga product is not a die (organic coating) but instead a special cold galvanizing system whose results are equivalent and in most occasions much higher than the respective conventional hot galvanizing systems.

Zinc Content

The concentration in zinc complies with the European ISO 3549-1987 standard and the DIN 55 969 standard (with 96% minimum zinc concentration on dry residue) and with the ISO 752 and DIN 1706 standards (zinc purity 99.995%).

Coating Application

he application of the coating is feasible even at the most adverse conditions with 95% relative humidity and at a wide temperature range (0 – 30C).

he coating may acquire conductive contact with the steel substrate after Sa 21/2 sandblasting is applied. The organic base of the coating allows application in multiple layers and also corrective application after the zinc content is depleted.

The good adherence of the potential new coating or the new layer is ensured without the need for new sandblasting.

The coating has no negative effects on the welding materials and therefore the coated surfaces can be safely welded.

Endurance in Mechanical Wear & Tear

The coating exhibits perfect adhesion, does not peal, and can continue its protective action even if it suffers minor damages.


Zinga is a special material that is fabricated in Belgium certified by independent and recognized laboratories on its coating ability to provide active cathodic protection when applied on sandblasted steel.

Zinga cold galvanizing is certified by an independent recognized laboratory in that at 100μm it passes the 2000 hours of salt spray testing under ASTM B117 Standard Method of Salt Spray (Fog) Testing.

The product also has been certified for potable water applications regarding the non-toxicity of the organic carrier in water environments, and therefore it can be safely applied on potable water storage tanks or it can be used in general at applications that involve potable water.

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